Friday, January 23, 2015

Now Available Online - 'Wild Horses' by Franci Louann

Franci Louann's collection of poems titled 'Wild Horses' is now available for downloads in all available eBook formats. Buy and download from the following links:

'Condensed dark chocolate, unsweetened. Distilled, rare Bordeaux. Frost that improves the grapes. Joy: one poem dances. Heavy, no-dross, gold ingots. Short wave radio with echoes. One-round technical knock-outs. Franci: tiny, colourful, a blue diamond. You want this book.'
Ruth Hill, Chetwynd, BC
(Author of the forthcoming 'Launched, Little Red Tree Publishing, Connecticut)

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Title: 'WILD HORSES' Poems by Franci Louann

Ten Lines or Fewer - 45 Poems
By Franci Louann
A mini-auto-bio
Edited by Janet Vickers

We are happy to publish Franci Louann's 'Wild Horses' as an eBook. The original was conceived in 2006 as a collection of 250 poems, here we present 45 of those. The selection was made by Janet Vickers, the editor.

The way each poem poises me on the high diving board then walks away so I take the plunge myself—this is poetry as an art. …signing up for your fan band
Sho Wiley, Vancouver BC

Franci’s poems have won prizes from Pandora’s Collective, the Burnaby Writers’ Society and the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. A longer poem won her first prize in the Vancouver Folk Music Festival Memorable Moments contest, up against prose. She was The Canadian Unitarian’s poetry editor for five years. A compulsive 'resourceress' regarding poetry events in Metro Vancouver, she received the World Poetry Volunteer Media Award in 2007. She was World Poetry’s Ambassador to New Zealand and Australia 2009-2010, and their first Peace Ambassador.

Franci has captured here, some of those wild creatures that got away, and we can open any page and run with them awhile.
Janet Vickers, Poetry Editor for The Canadian Unitarian, Gabriola Island BC

Also by Franci Louann
'The Perfectly Punctuated Poetry Portfolio', Horse of Course Press, Vancouver 2012
'Poems on Poems', Horse of Course Press, Vancouver 2011
'Beach Cardiology', Lipstick Press, Vancouver 2010

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