Sunday, July 21, 2013

Upcoming eBook: 'Islands Unto Ourselves' a Novel by Gomathy Puri

We are happy to announce the title of our next eBook, 'Islands Unto Ourselves', a novel by Gomathy Puri that was recently launched in its Paperback Edition (Larkuma 2012).

'Islands Unto Ourselves' is a novel about two migrant families, their hopes and wishes, challenges and triumphs. It has been critically acclaimed by critics as a simply told, gripping story. Alka Kumar, an associate Professor at Delhi University says this about the novel:

'There are many stories here, interwoven and criss-crossing, and many characters cross each other’s paths as they go about their business. They are stories of Kamala and Rakesh, Rekha and Gopal, Ben, others too, of immigrant experience and of negotiating old identities in new landscapes, of changing political scenarios. All themes that typically haunt diaspora writing proliferate this space. The novel explores primarily the theme of bi-cultural identities and people living simultaneously in two worlds.

More information will be posted here soon.


Friday, June 28, 2013

'Holier Than Life' by Fauzia Rafique - Available Now

Fauzia Rafique's first collection of English poems 'Holier than Life', and the first publication of Purple Poppy Press was launched last night.
'Intelligence, embodiment, engagement: these are the aspects of woman that surge to the fore and fall back again, as poem by poem, the author moves us through the vastness of the world.'
Joanne Arnott
Author of 'Wiles of Girlhood' and 'Mother Time'
Purple Poppy Press has teamed up with industry leaders such as Amazon, Gumroad and Smashwords for worldwide distribution and sales.
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